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It was definitely more of a broth in 2010 with various groups vying for control which have now over time been exposed.

What we know for sure is that multiple fire bombings are usually a sign of things to come. Come to think of it, back in in 2009 most of the attacks on cafes were considered rizzuto bars, very few if any di maulo desjardins bars were fire bombed.

Leading up to Spagnolos death...rizzuto headquarters were hit

The general consensus is that it was a coalition of Montagna-Arcuri-Di Maulo-Desjardins-De Vito that wanted to establish a new order and eliminate the Rizzuto leaders. That coalition fell apart in the summer of 2011 when Montagna conspired against Desjardins. The rest is history.

I agree with you that we're now seeing a similar pattern. However it needs to be noted that some of the firebombings in 2010 were attributed to Rizzuto loyalists ([BadWord] group). I figure they tried to keep control (by threat) of some businesses for drug trafficking purposes.

If the Rizzuto side/loyalists survive this there is nothing that can take them out of power lol