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As Leonardo Rizzuto was involved in a fight with a member of Rock Machine, I believe this member was killed afterwards but I could be wrong.

Yes, almost certain he was killed. I think he even tried to go on the run once he found out who Leonardo was as I don't think he would have done it had he known.

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For what its worth, a very knowlegeable poster on another forum had stumbled upon an FBI file that stated that Gerlando Sciascia was believed (by the Bonanno admin) to have ordered the murder of Cotroni's son and was killed himself as a result of it. I'm not sure, but I believe this was apparantly said by Massino himself.

That would jive with the story that Vitale might have testified to that they tried to make up a story on Sciascia. I mean it's not exact word for word but makes sense that they would spread the rumor to not think Massino was behind the hit or at least give them a reason to do it.