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Two pages back I posted a link to Daniel Renaud's October 4 article about the Solid Gold attacks. Here's the story link in case you haven't read the article:


According to the article, a source revealed that after Gallo's murder, Solid Gold passed into Stefano Sollecito's hands. The article also mentions that this information has not been corroborated by police. If the source's information is accurate, maybe one or more people close to Gallo were behind the attacks for a number of reasons, e.g., anger over Gallo's murder, resentment arising from losing the establishment.

If the information isn't accurate, the attacks may have been committed by people who were upset with Gallo's having sided with Montagna.

Toward the end of the article is the suggestion that because of the Solid Gold attacks, law enforcement will be looking into whether and how the murders of Rocco Sollecito and Moreno Gallo are related.

Yeah, I read that article (I rarely miss any) but I forgot about it stating that it had transitioned to Sollecito. It seems to me that Rocco Sollecito's murder could rather be linked to Giordano than Gallo, but who knows. Gallo had a small army of his own I believe. I still wonder where Mucci stood in all of this. Based on tapes of the Consenza club it looked like that Mucci was with Gallo back then. But based on information from Renaud, Mucci had supposedly distanced himself from Gallo during the take-over attempt because he chose to be neutral. Do you happen to have more information of Mucci's relationship with Gallo? I know that Mucci was in charge of a crew who where distributing coke, but I think that he was Gallo's second-in-command. Also, I ignored your advice and read your post in its entirety. ;) 

Sorry for only getting around to answering you now.

On September 26, 2012, Éric Vecchio, a police officer with the SPVM, where his title is lieutenant-détective, testified before the Charbonneau Commission inquiry (the CEIC). The transcript of his testimony will be found at


or at


At least one of these links should work.

Below is an excerpt from the transcript.

Q. Et également à l'instar de monsieur Moreno Gallo il faisait partie, il est calabrais?

R. Lui aussi il est calabrais, très proche de monsieur Di Maulo et très proche aussi avec le départ de monsieur Rizzuto, il y a toujours été dans l'entourage, là, des peut-être supposés prétendants au titre. Monsieur Mucci pendant un bout de temps a été, les rumeurs courait que c'est lui qui allait devenir la tête du réseau, la tête de l'organisation, ce qui était assez, tant qu'à moi assez farfelu, là.

Q. [419] Pour?

Parce que monsieur Mucci n'a jamais, n'a jamais occupé des, des postes clés dans le crime organisé italien à Montréal. Il a toujours été considéré comme un subalterne et non pas une tête dirigeante.
Donc son lien avec monsieur Di Maulo le laisse...

Donc monsieur Mucci a toujours été un peu dans l'ombre de monsieur Di Maulo. Donc le, le titre était plus ou moins farfelu.

Better late than never, thanks! wink

So another one who fell under Di Maulo's wing. This indicates that Mucci is probably not a made member, because the members of the Montreal Bonanno crew were high ranking in the Montreal Mafia as a whole. The were basically capos in the Cotroni and Rizzuto organizations.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."