By the time Massino flipped, the speculation was that the Rizzuto's were no longer under the Bonanno's anyway. Idk about that anymore, but even if that isn't true, your line about the Montreal Bonannos/Rizzutos being wiped out is a bit inaccurate. Suppose the Rizzutos did get upset with Massino after the whole Sciascia thing, and stopped answering to Massino, the criminal group itself, existed and regaining strength even until the day Vito died. After that, they still merely existed in the criminal world (I don't know about thrived) under Leonardo Rizzuto & Stefano Sollecito. IF that isn't true, then the Montreal Bonannos still existed even after Massino flipped, as Cicale reports of Montreal kicking up to Basciano & Tony Urso (D'Urso?), then you have the whole Montagna connection, him being the literal link to the old Sciascia NY crew and there still being a link to the Bonannos & the Montreal group. Long story short, what I'm saying is, the Montreal Bonanno/Rizzuto group was never "whacked out" (at least maybe up until now) and those links and supposed testimony proves that Massino wasn't crucial to their survival. And clearly things that occurred before Massino's era is proving to have been the Rizzuto's ultimate downfall, NOT Joey Massino and him flipping.