Looking back over the last year and timeline of events, it's interesting to note how things have changed.

On one hand, we've been hearing more and more about the Scoppa's and the rise of the bikers, as evidenced by recent arrests and murders, on the other hands we've seen 3 important figures in the Rizzuto loyalists get killed (Giordano, Sollecito, Spagnolo). These were older senior members.

A few months ago, journalist Cedillot had mentioned some sort of alliance brewing between bikers and the calabrians, could the recent meeting at Linguini be an indication of that?

The Lapresse article mentioned that some italian mafiosi were paying the bikers a tax, maybe the new structure put in place has enabled this.

If im not mistaken, the Cotronis have always been extremely close to the french-canadian community and by extension the bikers.

Most likely, the criminal map is being re-drawn within the city.

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