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Does anyone of you believe that the New York families have something to do with the preconditions in Montreal?

There's no evidence of involvement of New York with the current situation, but with the preconditions absolutely. It was Massino's testimony that put Rizzuto in jail which led to chaos in the Montreal underworld. And it escalated when Montagna became involved. This is not even debatable, it is a fact.

What would also interest me is the role of the caruana and the [BadWord] family.

Have he any contact with the siderno group? Have the New york familys contacts with the siderno group?

Yes, and there is evidence to support it.

The New York families have I still think of a certain power in america but worldwide?

Not really. The late IvyLeague (as a poster) stated that the New York families have become primarily a local enterprise.

Apart from the Gambinos and Genovese, the American Mafia has absolutely nothing to say in the world.

Not even these families have much world wide sway anymore. And besides, the New York families never were as active on a global scale as let's say the 'ndrangheta.

The question for me is how does it look at these 2 families?

Pretty stabile.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."