Translation: Daniel Renaud LaPresse
The Hells Angels Guy Rodrigue, who had been on the run since Operation SharQc more than seven years ago and was on the list of the ten most wanted criminals in Quebec, was arrested this afternoon.

Rodrigue, 59, gave himself up, following negotiations between his lawyer and the police. He appeared this afternoon at the Montreal courthouse. He remains detained and returned to court on 5 January. He is currently facing the same charges as other leaders who were deposed against on the day of the famous police strike on April 15, 2009. He is accused of 22 counts of murder and counts of conspiracy, drug trafficking and gangsterism.

We do not know what Rodrigue, who belongs to the Sherbrooke chapter, did during his long journey on the run. There are indications that he has spent an indefinite period in Mexico. According to some reports, it was because he could no longer be on the run that the biker surrendered to the police.

Guy Rodrigue is one of the most influential members of the Hells Angels in Quebec, according to the police. He would be involved in the facet of the organization's money laundering. He is close to Charles Huneault, an associate of the Hells Angels arrested in 2014 in Operation Hantise de la Sret du Qubec and considered by this one as a major usury lender and recycler of the proceeds of crime.

Let us recall that a few weeks ago, the public prosecutor withdrew all the charges against seven other Hells Angels on the run for more than seven years. However, the charges were not withdrawn against Rodrigue and another fugitive rider, Claude Gauthier. The latter is the last Hells Angels who has not yet been arrested since SharQc. According to our information, the charges have not been withdrawn against Rodrigue and Gauthier because the prosecution would like to bring against them the informer Dayle Fredette