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ha have nothing to do with the montreal war, it's an italian thing, in my opinion there are 2 strong factions killing eachother, 1 supported by the ndrangheta and the other by caruana- c untrera's

We have yet to see if thats true. It's nice to have an opinion and all and to voice it, but to say like you'd know for sure that the Bikers aren't involved in whats going on in Montreal nowadays, in some capacity, I think thats a bit of a reach. I also wouldn't say the Montreal Mafia is the strongest OC group in Montreal either, with so much in fighting going on now, and with the constant rise of the Hells even when they're leaders were jailed, and the consolidation they made with some of the black street gangs and turning them into HA subsets, I think the Biker gangs, mostly the Hells, are at least somewhat equal to the Montreal Mafia.