The residence of Andrew Scoppa, influential chieftain of the Montreal Mafia, was raided by police this morning in the northwest of the island of Montreal, learned the Press .

According to our information, the operation, which began around 8 am, was conducted by investigators from the Joint Regional Squad (ERM) north shore, in collaboration with the SPVM. The raid, which took place in the northwest of the island of Montreal, was conducted along with a dozen others performed in homes and vehicles, also on the island of Montreal.

This would involve searches conducted as part of a narcotics investigation ongoing.

Recall that last week, La Presse revealed that Andrew Scoppa and two other individuals were arrested and released on October 26 as part of an investigation into the seizure of more than 100 kilos of cocaine.

According to sources, the drug was, in part at least, found in a car parked in the parking lot of a gym Tower Canadiens in Montreal West.

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