One of the most influential clan leaders of the Montreal Mafia at present according to police, Andrea Scoppa, aka Andrew, was recently arrested in connection with a seizure of one hundred kilos of cocaine, has told La Presse .

Scoppa, 52, was reportedly arrested with other individuals two weeks ago, questioned and then released.

"On October 26, investigators from the Joint Regional Squad North Shore have conducted searches in Montreal. But since it is under investigation, we will not give further information to not harm the investigation "simply explained Sergeant Claude Denis of the Sûreté du Québec.

Reportedly, two searches have taken place October 26 - one in the Canadian condo tower on Peel Street, and the other in an apartment building of 13 th Avenue in the Saint-Michel district, in the northeast of Montreal. No further details filtered yet. Assuming that the market value of the cocaine is currently $ 60,000 per kilogram, the total value of the seizure would amount to more than 6 million.

In September 2004, Andrea Scoppa was sentenced to six years in prison for a case of conspiracy and cocaine trafficking that would have passed through the United States. He and his accomplices had been compromised by a double agent. Scoppa had regained his freedom pending further proceedings after having made a deposit of $ 150,000 certified check. Apart from this case, it has little criminal history.

Yet Andrew Scoppa is considered by the police as an influential player in the Montreal Mafia has very close contact with bikers, former bikers, mobsters and other individuals linked to organized crime, Greek, Lebanese and Arabic.

The police still consider him being involved in heroin trafficking, even if he has already told the people around him to never touch this drug. His influence on territories would be Parc-Extension, Mile End, Little Italy and Lachine, Montreal. He would also be very present in Laval.

Historically, Andrew Scoppa has always been quite independent of the other clans of the Mafia. He did not take part in the struggle for influence that thrashed the Rizzuto clan during the years 2009-2010 and would have rallied with the godfather Vito Rizzuto upon his return to Montreal in the fall of 2012. However, it appeared that Scoppa was not on very good terms with those who succeeded Vito after the natural death of the latter in December 2013.

On 3 October 2015, one of his trusted men was the victim of a murder attempt,it passed came under the media radar. While the victim was about to enter the underground parking lot of a tower of condos of Dollard-des-Ormeaux area, his vehicle was riddled with five bullets fired by a suspect armed with a nine millimeter pistol with a quiet.

During the great Colosseum investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the Montreal mafia between 2001 and 2006, Andrea Scoppa has been at the heart of a territory dispute with the Hells Angels Yves "Led" Leduc, who would have even wanted to eliminate its rival before the deceased mafia Moreno Gallo settles the dispute.

Andrea Scoppa is the brother of Salvatore Scoppa, an individual who has taken a place in recent years in the Montreal Mafia, notably in Rivière-des-Prairies, scene of many violent in recent years.

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