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@antimafia great post as usual

Now I would like to know what you think of the following:

I personally don't think the Siderno boys are directly implicated in the Montreal situation, physically speaking of course.

That being said, considering the number of visits that local Montreal players have made in the GTA to members of the Siderno group and others, what's your take on that?

I ask because partnerships, drug routes, kickbacks and so forth are and have always been flexible and not static. Friends today can be enemies tomorrow, money and reliability triumph ethnicity in Canada.

Why and for what reason are members of the Montreal mafia visiting the GTA? Clearly it's not for the cannolis or coffee...Montreal has that covered.

Montagna, Piccirilli, De Vito, Mirarchi and co..

The book Business or Blood makes at least a dozen references about meetings between Montreal mafia members(rival to Rizzuto) having meetings with the GTA and Hamilton Ndrangheta members.
There was another mention that struck my interest,quote:
"Vito had never really liked members of the Commisso Ndrangheta family. How things stood with Carmelo Bruzzese wasn't so clear.They had once been friendly, but Bruzzese's son-in-law was Antonio Coluccio,and Coluccios seemed central to the Ndrangheta to push into Montreal."
This illustrates the Ndrangheta interest in Montreal,let alone several Montreal journalist supporting that idea.