You wouldn't believe the argument I had trying to explain this to Alfa. I couldn't get him to understand that coke in the US in the 80s meant Medillin cartel, 90s Cali Cartel, and 2000s and beyond, Mexican-cartels.


Cabrini, you guys are more knowledgeable in this area than myself. My point in our original debate was that the Rizzuto group was receiving dope or whatever, into Canada, on behalf of the Bonannos. It really matters not whether the contraband was sent downwards into the States, or sold retail in Canada. My point was that there was very likely a Caruana/C[untrera-Rizzuto-Bonanno axis, with the Rizzutos receiving financing from the Bonannos to function as intermediaries. Could I be wrong? Of course. But I don't believe I am.

Edit: I think it might be time to differentiate between smack (heroin) and coke. This because the coke might have been travelling upwards, but the heroin might have been travelling down [into the United States], simultaneously. Someone somewhere might have even said that one type of narcotic was used to trade for the other, as a means of payment. No money changing hands, imagine that. Opinions?

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