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Thanks man, I appreciate it lol..


Preach!!! Great post my man, +100

My head hurt when I read some past post in another thread about the Queens NY Calabrian bust. Everyone ( and this included respected guys on here like Pizzaboy and Ivy) they all assumed they were just some mutts pushing blow in the streets of NY. When it was like you pointed out, they were using NY as a TRANSIT POINT to ship it to Europe. (I think I pointed out before,the main route went through the Panama Canal, never even went over land..) It's interesting that coke TO Canada, goes THROUGH the US OVER land.....

I know what you mean about trying to explain it in a couple post. It's like so much information, I think I irritate people with the size of some of my post, yet I always feel like Im only scratching the surface of what I REALLY want to say lol....

Those are some great bullet points, I can't disagree with any of it.
That point you made of no Italiangroups smuggling coke into the US. You wouldn't believe the argument I had trying to explain this to Alfa. I couldn't get him to understand that coke in the US in the 80s meant Medillin cartel, 90s Cali Cartel, and 2000s and beyond, Mexican-cartels.

I like how you point out, coke through the port of Montreal doesn't even make sense if you look at a map. Another reason I was looking hard at the Rizzutos like, How are they maintaining?