@ eurodave

I do remember that bust, the 5000 plus kilo one right? It's what really caught my eye as far as the Italians and the worldwide narcotic routes. That was in like 94, by the 2000s, the Mexicans were the only ones capable of such loads to the US.

And then I'm reading about the Calabrian dominance in Europe. Then I read about how they are dominant in Toronto. Then you read about the demise of Sicily. The Rizzutos being kinda cut off from NY, to me, it looked like they really only controlled Montreal. And that was based on a dominance in the Narcotics routes. So to me the writing was on the wall, that they sooner or later were going to be eclipsed by the Calabrians.

But a lot of guys STILL believe their strenghth was based on the number of Made guys or whatever. I say follow the connects and routes, see who's at the end of them. It leads to the power....