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I see the CC clan as like, the Colombia to the Calabrians Mexico. The predecessors and their inheritors. As far as the European and Canadian markets are concerned.

Maybe you guys can shed some light, WHEN exactly did Ndrangheta become dominant in the cocaine trade? It seems to have been a gradual thing... Any idea on what years this takeover became complete? I'm thinking between like 2000-2010? Somewhere in there?

Any thoughts?

It seems the Cosa Nostra clans starting losing some clout in the mid to late 90's. At that time or before, Calabrian clans from all over Reggio were buying or importing blow via their Sicilian contacts while establishing their own routes. Aynone remember the 94' bust from the CC clan in Torino? That load was destined to Cosa Nostra and Ndrangheta consortium.

By the late 90's, they had established themselves well in Latin America and began brokering for ndrine all over the world and also for Sicilians and Neapolitans.

Their rise to prominance most likely began early 2000's and due to their secrecy and lack of informants, the organization prospered. It seems they've consolidated their power the most in the last 10 years in North America, mainly the Toronto-NYC-Montreal mafia trifecta, eclipsing on an import-export base, the traditional LCN routes.

What I find intriguing is how the calabrians operate below the radar, functioning on a cartel model, buying and moving huge quantities of blow around the globe in groups, therefore making it harder to pinpoint one specific leader, where as many knew for years that Vito and the CC were the go to guys for Montreal and transplanted Sicilians.

Who truly leads the GTA families? who calls the shots? is it back home?

Also worthy of mention is an anecdote in the book the sixth family which revealed intercepted conversations between Vito and Zappia about the potential bridge scheme between continent and Sicily. In this convo, Zappia states that both parties need to be happy and how the Calabrians are stronger, more organized and have better political contacts. This was 2003-2004

" Perché lì si deve fare il ponte tenendo contenti tutti quelli della Sicilia, la gang, capisci? In questo affare c’è moneta per loro. Ti dico un’altra cosa: è che c’è un lato la mafia, la Sicilia. Di quell’altro posto c’è la ‘ndrangheta. La ‘ndrangheta calabrese è più forte della cosa siciliana, sì, basata su attività di costruzione e di attività anche di influenza politica. Sono più organizzati i calabresi che i siciliani. Allora la ‘ndrangheta è più forte della mafia>>.

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