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Great catch there, I saw that post and remembered the paragraph in Business or Blood, that you just posted but I couldn't remember exactly where in the book it was. Great point there.

I had a little bit of a frustrating convo in another thread, ( I still love you Alfa lol) I actually think the CC clan were the real controllers of the Rizzutos, not really the Bonnanos. I also believe that they are so important to European OC, and the European drug trade in general, that they are TOO BIG to deal with one mafia, or one city, or even one continent.

I I asked before, where the CC clan fits in as far as the power structure today. I know there was a list of Bosses posted, the Scoppas, Dejardins, and a [BadWord]-Ra? Or is it a Caruana? I gotta check again....

In my opinion the Caruana/Cun trera clan are very influential and wealthy. As you already know,their interest is more in drug import/export and money laundering. With the exception of their cousin Agostino & son who decided to join the ranks in Montreal,they are more in building drug trading alliances with other OC clans worldwide. I believe Rizzuto's success was build on that alliance he had with the Caruana/Cun trera clan.I think the Rizzuto's needed them more than the other way around.
With regards to the Bonnano's and again it is my opinion, the Rizzuto's used the LCN to serve their own purpose, their true loyalty lie with their own Sicilian clan at home and abroad.

Although I'm sure still influential, I personally think their role and influenced has diminished over the last 15 years or so.

Recent investigations in Italy continually show how Catania and Palermo families get their coke from the Calabrians. This pattern seem to replicate itself in parts of NYC so why wouldn't it happen here in Canada?

The Ndrangheta is moving tons of blow around the globe daily, on behalf of and for other organizations as well.

I agree with you Eurodave, I was in no way comparing them with the Ndrangheta, I was comparing Caruana/Cun trera with the Rizzuto's in reference to Cabrini's post. I understood the CC clan as being Caruana/Cun trera unless I misunderstood what CC clan stands for.