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I don't think it's that black and white Arcadi for example has always been a Rizzuto guy, but is very close to 'ndrangheta could be even a member back in Calabria.

it's right that the so-called sicilian and calabrian factions are mixep up with even not-italians, but as i said the sicilians are supported by the caruana-c untrera's and the calabrians by gta ndrangheta... the alliance beteween caruana- c untrera's and ndrangheta broke after the murdr of agostino cun trera and the murders of moreno gallo, verduci and calautti are sure carried out by the caruana- c untrera's

The book "Business or Blood" page 144 contradicts your statement.

Business or Blood quotes:

"What the surveillance officers saw immediately after the funeral visitation might have shocked even Vito. Stalteri's mourners climbed onto a chartered bus and rode off to the anniversary reception for the [BadWord]. How could this be possible ? Weren't they mortal,blood enemies?
And yet it was clearly happening. Members of both the Sicilian and Calabrian factions of Canadian organized crime, including reps. from Hamilton,York Region,Ottawa,Montreal and Sherbrooke,Quebec, were breaking bread together as if they were on some mob version of homecoming week."

The author further down the page writes' quote:
"It was unthinkable, but it was happening right in front of the intelligence officers. What police witnessed was bonding between the Ontario Sicilians and the Ndrangheta, less than seven months after the murders of Agostino [BadWord] and his bodyguard in Montreal, and two months after the murder of Nicolo. It had been widely assumed that the Sicilians and the Calabrians mobsters were at war in, Montreal but that was clearly not the case in Toronto."

The author had more to say on this subject but you get the message.

Police intelligence picked up conversations and Verduci killing was a thing between Calabrians. Calautti owed money and had many enemies, hard to pinpoint if it was ordered by Rizzuto or the Ontario Ndrangheta.