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Another young man has gone missing and has possible links to the Mafia. He was close to Joe Closure, murdered a few years ago.


Also noticed that this individual has pictures with Marco Campellone, a young man killed last year who was close to Sollecito.

The two brother who have gone missing may have been behind this or part of the same crew.

You think the brothers could be behind the murder of Campellone?


I believe journalist Daniel Renaud may have made a mistake with Marco Campellone being associated with Sollecito. The Campellone's worked for the Padula brothers who are associated with the Devito clan.
In relation to the Falduto brothers, one of them owned a cafe in a building that was owned by Giordano. This would make them rivals.
Steven Constantinou worked with Carlo Colapelle who is associated with the Desjardin clan. What I see here is a turf war that is still on going.