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Here is one. In summary they mention he pissed off some street gang, west end gang and that he does not hesitate to give direct hits to the interim mafia led by Stefano.There was a price on his head, so he went to Mexico to give himself time to re-group etc....

That article is about Salvatore Scoppa and it's not clear who wanted him dead. Andrea Scoppa was on good terms with the Rizzutos, but that may have changed. However, brothers don't have to be on the same page. A good example were the Ciancaglinis from Philly.

I do not know how good your French is but this article makes it perfectly clear that Salvatore is a rival. His brother was in good terms with Rizzuto, they all were at one time Desjardins included until war broke out. Then some had to choose sides. Whether there is a split between brothers remains to be seen. They could also be playing the good guy bad guy scenario. Furthermore, in other articles I read the other brother Andrea and DeVito were associates and everyone knows what side DeVito was. DeVito crew helped the Scoppa brothers in trying to retrieve money from Nino Debartolomeis (kidnapping). Andrea took the wrap.