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The murder Friday in Laval Rocco Sollecito, last faithful of Vito Rizzuto and ultimate representative of the heyday of the Sicilian Clan, announces a change of guard next and training of a new alliance to lead the mafia and bring peace after 10 years of bloody infighting. Here, according to our sources and observations, a list of individuals who could be part of the alliance, in the short or medium term, and to succeed Rizzuto head of the Montreal Mafia.

Vittorio Mirarchi

38 years old

Protected from the boss Raynald Desjardins, the ambitious young mafioso was arrested along with his mentor and more individuals of his bodyguards in December 2011 for the murder of aspiring godfather Salvatore Montagna, Charlemagne committed to a month earlier. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of conspiracy in March and his sentence will be known soon. Although Mirarchi risk of being sent to prison for an indefinite period, our sources believe that one should not exclude it from the equation and could be expected to play an important role someday. Mirarchi, which is associated with the Calabrian mafia cell of Montreal, enjoys strong support in Ontario.

Raynald Desjardins

62 years

While we did not give expensive of his skin there only a year and would have even been the subject of a murder plot by former soldier of the Hells Angels Maurice Boucher, it seems that the guy has taken the bull by the horns in recent months and that its influence is still real. Desjardins still has a team on the ground to defend its interests. However, it may spend several years in prison, who soon know his sentence after pleading guilty in July 2015 of conspiracy to murder of Salvatore Montagna. Desjardins is one of the clan leaders who tried to overthrow the Rizzuto in 2009-2010, according to police.

Andrea Scoppa

52 years

The name of this mysterious chieftain described as very intelligent resonates in the streets of Montreal for decades, but especially in recent years. Already active in the heroin trade, which would have allowed him to his place, Andrea Scoppa, aka Andrew, behind an elusive reputation, who has almost as unique criminal history sentenced to six years in prison in 2004 for a case of importing cocaine via the United States. Influential, Scoppa not like being in the spotlight; it would be surprising that a seat at the table is interested in, but it could hold the balance of power. It is also very close to the riders, the best allies for the Mafia today.

Salvatore Scoppa

46 years

Brother Andrew Scoppa would also be involved in heroin. His name is particularly out of the mouth of a police witness in the investigation of release of a university student, alleged seller of heroin, arrested by the Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) the last fall. Over the past year, Salvatore Scoppa rose through the ranks within the Montreal Mafia and is one of the new strong men of the district Rivière-des-Prairies, an area at the center of many conflicts in recent times. Scoppa seems however to have regular contracts on his head, which encouraged him to move away from the city temporarily. His older brother and he would also links with influential individuals of organized crime called “Middle East”.

Antonio Mucci

61 years

The former soldier clan Violi during the 70s seems to have seven lives. Reportedly, the clan leader always associated to the Calabrian faction of the Montreal Mafia has rebounded in recent months, he has regularly been on the ropes during the years of infighting. There is a year and a half, a charge of possession of weapon was withdrawn against Mucci while his lawyer sought to testify investigator SPVM who had arrested the retired Paul Philippe. In 1973, when he was 18, Mucci had shot the journalist Jean-Pierre Charbonneau in full newsroom Devoir and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Liborio [BadWord]

47 years

Liborio [BadWord], aka Poncho, faces cocaine trafficking charges after being arrested with other individuals in the last part of the RCMP investigation Clemenza there three weeks. According to our sources, he is part of the table towards the mafia set up after the natural death of the godfather Vito Rizzuto, in December 2013. [BadWord], that could represent the interests of the Sicilian branch to a possible new table is the son of Agostino [BadWord], nicknamed the Lord of Saint-Leonard, a man of honor mafia murdered in June 2010. [BadWord] is reputed to be very discreet, but his name had been mentioned in the investigation of organized crime Division of the SPVM Alkali to solve a series of arsons committed in cafés in 2010.

Vito Salvaggio

41 years

Vito Salvaggio, once very close to Nick Rizzuto Jr., the eldest son of Vito Rizzuto assassinated in December 2009, have also served on the mafia management table set up after the death of the sponsor in December 2013. It could have its up to a possible new table to represent the interests of the Sicilian branch of the Montreal mafia. Salvaggio is linked to Dilallo restaurant of Jean-Talon, target of a Molotov cocktail on December 10. Spring 2001 During the investigation, police had seen particular visit to the famous cache of money bikers Beaubien Street. He was arrested as part of this investigation, accused of conspiracy and drug trafficking and sentenced to four years in prison.

Gianpietro Tiberio

43 years

Little known, Tiberio, owner of a towing company, is considered by the police as a rising star of the Mafia. In April, his name was mentioned in an article in La Presse on a towing company to questionable practices. According to a joint investigation by CBC and the Globe and Mail, he was involved in the casino Dream, the Dominican Republic, the deceased godfather Vito Rizzuto allegedly tried to take control. Tiberio, aka JP, is a former soldier of the Rizzuto clan and was close to Domenico Macri, killed in August 2006. He has links with influential bikers. He was sentenced to three years in prison for a drug import conspiracy case from 2006. He denies having links with the Mafia.

Alessandro Sucapane


Sucapane purge since January 2015 a 10-year sentence for cocaine trafficking and gangsterism following his arrest in the second part of the Clemenza RCMP investigation in 2014. It certainly remain detained for a few years, but our sources believe that we should not set aside the influence it could have. Sucapane is the former partner of the dreaded chieftain Giuseppe De Vito, poisoned with cyanide in his cell at the Donnacona Penitentiary, in summer 2013, and was very active in the attempted coup against the Rizzuto clan in 2009- 2010. Even deprived of its leaders, the group Sucapane allied clans and Desjardins Mirarchi, would still have soldiers on the ground.