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I gotta confirm, Sinatra Club called that Scoppa thing forever ago, before it came out in the papers, I was quite impressed frankly lol

Nothing has come out in the papers about the Scoppa brothers yet. It's only speculation.


For the record the Scoppa's were mentioned in various articles dating back over a decade. The one I posted above dates Oct. 14 2014. Daniel Renaud has been writing about them for years. This pre-dates claims by a certain individual on these posts, that said he called it months ago.
Eurodave is correct he was an associate of Gallo at one time, they do carry weight. They were neutral at first when the war began but now considered rivals.
They are Calabrian. Some of his associates were/are DeVito (Calabrian), Piccirilli(Calabrian),Mirarchi(Calabrian).They all have close ties with the bikers MC (Cazzetta). Most of them made trips to Ontario. If you connect the dots you get the big picture.

I was talking about the Scoppas being pinpointed by journalists as those suspected of being behind the recent turmoil. I'm aware of them being mentioned in older articles. Could you post the article that has identified them as rivals of the Rizzuto faction? I must've missed it.


Here is one. In summary they mention he pissed off some street gang, west end gang and that he does not hesitate to give direct hits to the interim mafia led by Stefano.There was a price on his head, so he went to Mexico to give himself time to re-group etc....