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The only way Toronto can influence things in Montreal if there's is indeed the alliance between the 'calabrian faction' of the Rizzuto clan and the 'Ndrangheta in Ontario maybe backed by the Hells Angels.

It is of my opinion that the pie is already divided in Montreal but the war is not over yet. The days of one family having it all is over. That is why we are seeing this conflict being carried out for years.It would be wise to share but some are too stubborn to understand.
If it is true that Ontario Calabrian clans are behind all this then you will have some of these clans or ndrine establish themselves in Montreal. That is a pattern of how they operate in other countries or cities. According to past news articles the Caruana/[BadWord] clan seem to have a good working relationship with the Calabrian clans in Ontario. If hostilities end in Montreal you may have the same relationship taking place in Montreal.