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I gotta confirm, Sinatra Club called that Scoppa thing forever ago, before it came out in the papers, I was quite impressed frankly lol

Nothing has come out in the papers about the Scoppa brothers yet. It's only speculation.

I think eurodave was the first who said they had a big influence.

I had head of their name and influence in the early 2000's and obviously, they are a force to be recknoned with. Just to inform those of you who that are not familiar with the city, the Scoppa's operated mainly on Gallo's old turf, basically Little Italy and the center of the city. I'm not quite sure what relationship they had though.

I've also come across an interesting article in Italian about certain facts.

Out of the game the managers of Alvaro, New York if they are taken the Ursino. Including contacts with the South Americans. The earthquakes are reflected in Canada, where the hierarchies crumble. And with them the pax mafia. The 80 criminals Italian emigrants there had divided the business between Toronto and Montreal. Sicilians to the Rizzuto clan drugs; the Calabrian arrived from Siderno, gambling, gambling and usury. Map designed it in 2010 Italians investigators who worked on the "Crime" maxi investigation, which for the first time identified the leaders of the 'Ndrangheta and is still valid. Three years ago, the leader of the Rizzuto, Vito, is dying of cancer. In the following months, coinciding with the rise of the Ursino in the North American dial, four of the six members of the "Council" of the Rizzuto clan are killed. The last to fall was Rocco Sollecito. A few weeks ago, in Montreal, he was about to end in a coffin Marco Pizzi, 46, cocaine importer for Rizzuto, escaped the ambush of the hitmen who had buffered and flanked with a car. They were masked and armed. "The Calabrian attacked the old" powers.