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Interesting article, armoured cars sold to an associate of Rizzuto Family.

Remember hearing when rizzuto got out he purchased like a fully armored s500 Mercedes or something . Smart move I would do the same thing. It's so wild up there if I was in the mix I would have an armored car and I wouldn't leave the house without a vest and a pistol close by... I know magi also had a armoured car and seemed to always be wearing a vest when he went anywhere .. and also had a fucking convoy of security...

Vests are easy to get and inexpensive.. and not that uncomfortable to wear under your clothes if your life is really on the line. Yeah it's not going to do shit off you catch a head shot or get hit with like a 762 round (some vests will) but still better than nothing

That's who I meant in my post. Not sure why I typed Mucci, but I was thinking Magi. I know they had a story when his "convoy" was rolling and some guy jumped out of the woods with a rifle in his hands and jumped back in the woods and took off. I'm sure it was a sign that he was still being hunted. I have no doubt he still had something to do with Nick Jr's death. I would guarantee if there is a hit list his name is one of the ones still on it.