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Just to check....after 14 pages were still have no idea what's going on up there? :-)

On the old Real Deal forum we still had no clue after 25 pages of the 'Nicolo Rizzuto has been shot' thread. shhh

what happened to it?

it was still active and then a board error 2 months ago and counting just never got fixed?

That's a long story but, in a nutshell, the administrator and moderator over there gave the boot to too many of their most consistent and long-term posters. Slowly the RD forum became a ghost town with only a few posters checking in regularly. Last I saw, a different format of the board can still be accessed elsewhere but it's still basically dead. And the powers that be there have themselves to thank for it.

Nah I know what happened with people getting banned...

I was still posting right up until the end

there was no announcement or anything...there was just a board error and it never got fixed and i guess they just gave up on it

it happened about 2 months before this last time too, it was down for like 2 weeks, but then it got fixed....then out of nowhere the same thing happened.

people were still posting in the days leading up to the board error