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Seems to be a revenge killing that could be related back to Vito Rizzuto's return in 2012.

I think you're right. I also think that a lot of the murders during certain periods of the war are revenge killings. Which could mean more retaliatory attacks, a recent example of which might be the two attacks on Solid Gold, which was Moreno Gallo's old stomping grounds; other future retaliatory attacks, of course, would be more murders that have yet to be avenged.

Are you suggesting that the attacks on Solid Gold were retaliatory attacks by the old Rizzuto group for recent murders or do I misinterpret?

It seems like we have as much clue on who's behind this as we did in 2010. Apparantly people are bringing up old theories like Paolo Violi's sons trying to take over, which I'm extremely sceptic about. I think a more viable theory is that Arcadi is making a powerplay with backing from Ontario. A more frightning theory is that Giordano, Arcadi and Sollecito were on the same side and are being killed off by another group. It feels too convenient thinking about people loyal to Desjardins and De Vito. It also seems like the old Di Maulo-Cotroni group is still on good terms with the 'Sicillians' because Carmine Vanelli was seen at Sollecito's funeral, but that may not mean much.

Two pages back I posted a link to Daniel Renaud's October 4 article about the Solid Gold attacks. Here's the story link in case you haven't read the article:


According to the article, a source revealed that after Gallo's murder, Solid Gold passed into Stefano Sollecito's hands. The article also mentions that this information has not been corroborated by police. If the source's information is accurate, maybe one or more people close to Gallo were behind the attacks for a number of reasons, e.g., anger over Gallo's murder, resentment arising from losing the establishment.

If the information isn't accurate, the attacks may have been committed by people who were upset with Gallo's having sided with Montagna.

Toward the end of the article is the suggestion that because of the Solid Gold attacks, law enforcement will be looking into whether and how the murders of Rocco Sollecito and Moreno Gallo are related.

Yeah, I read that article (I rarely miss any) but I forgot about it stating that it had transitioned to Sollecito. It seems to me that Rocco Sollecito's murder could rather be linked to Giordano than Gallo, but who knows. Gallo had a small army of his own I believe. I still wonder where Mucci stood in all of this. Based on tapes of the Consenza club it looked like that Mucci was with Gallo back then. But based on information from Renaud, Mucci had supposedly distanced himself from Gallo during the take-over attempt because he chose to be neutral. Do you happen to have more information of Mucci's relationship with Gallo? I know that Mucci was in charge of a crew who where distributing coke, but I think that he was Gallo's second-in-command. Also, I ignored your advice and read your post in its entirety. wink

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