This is mostly accurate, but to undermine their influence is also naive. From various sources, we've seen major players in Montreal over the last few years take the 401 and visit local GTA gangsters.

De Vito did it, Piccirilli, Montagna, Mirarchi...etc...

Ironically you can't say Remo Commisso or Antonio Coluccio were seen multiple times hanging out in Montreal. It seems that Montreal mobsters were visiting Toronto. What for and why?

High profile murders usually require some sort of protocal and authorization. The GTA boys probably don't have a direct hand in what's going on, but as of late, with their own re-organization, I would assume they continue to play an external role which is not negligable.

That being said, made members of the Cosa Nostra and Ndrangheta divide territories and avoid conflict, both in the Americas and Europe.

You may believe that the Ndrine in Ontario are not significant, but on a global scale, the Sicilians buy coke from Calabrians, a reversal of what it was 20 years ago when they would go to people such as Caruana for large quantities. Various indictments and arrests have demonstrated how Cosa Nostra cells from different parts of Sicily, IE: Siragusa, Catania, Messina and Palermo are buying coke from Calabrian importers, mainly families from the Ionian side and the Gioia Tauro region.

If this happens in Italy and Europe, why can't this exact system replicate itself in Canada?

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