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Seems like a deja-vu doesn't it?

That's the best way to describe it, lol. Just like back then we'll probably learn more about these new (or old?), emerging players a year from now when the air has cleared. The question is: will this story ever end? It's an ongoing cycle of killings and revenge killings and revenge killings of revenge killings and so on. The police are playing a decisive part in this as well, because after a major arrest the opposing group starts cleaning house. Good post.

The Violi to Rizzuto transition took a few years I believe, between mid 70's to Cotroni's death in 83'. Because these situations are so complex and so many players are involved, both italian and non-italian, it takes time and strategy to implement a new order.

That being said, the Rizzuto clan is looking rather thin, in jail and weaker than ever. There is no more Vito. Maybe this time it will be a final extermination.

Like you said, the Police play a bigger role than most give credit. They knew all along that Desjardins was a huge factor in the rebellion as was Montagna. They followed them everywhere. By cleaning up the Rizzuto's again in 2015, they must of known that they pratically sealed their fate.

For some odd reason, I have a feeling the Scoppa brother's are making some moves. Rarely do you hear about them, but they wield a lot of power.

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