Seems like a deja-vu doesn't it? A throwback to 2009 when the Rizzuto clan was under heavy attack.

Looking back, nobody knew what was going on. Who was killing such heavy hitters who seemed pretty much untouchable...Nick Jr, Nicolo, Paolo, Agostino and so forth....The media was using as they are today, the Calabrian clan, to describe the main rival faction. Years have passed and we now know that besides the Rizzuto top 6 leaders, Montreal had a rather large opposing group attacking the weakened Rizzuto clan which consisted of:

- Desjardins-Mirrarchi and friends
- Di Maulo-Cotroni group
- Arcuri-Montagna-Lopresti and co.
- De Vito and friends
- Other various groups, Scoppa, Gallo, Mucci..

Was the Ndrangheta involved? Maybe indirectly and on a support level basis. Many of the players above were documented as having visited leading figures in the Siderno group between 06-12'. But it may be possible that Montreal gangsters were reaching out to them vs the other way around.

I believe that the current situation in many ways replicates the early 80's when Vic Cotroni passed away. It was then that the Rizzuto family officially took over and prospered, even though the Violi brothers had already been wiped out. Whoever is trying to eliminate the old guard, has mainly done so because Vito passed away and what's left of his group no longer holds the same power.

Clearly local players are the main culprits here, Siderno boys will not be sending men here to pull the trigger but their involvement will be one of capital and logistics. Most likely, the current opposing faction is the remaining players of the former alliance that attempted to overthrow the Rizzuto family.

Time will tell.

**Disclaimer** to those who are not familiar with Quebec media and news, the Calabrian faction or Sicilian mafia are terms used by the media to describe opposing factions, similar to Bloods vs Crips. In reality, they are neither accurate since both groups have leaders or members from various parts of Italy. Traditionally the Sicilian faction is referred as the Rizzuto group, while the Calabrian faction is a mixture of the old Di-Maulo-Cotroni and others. Recently, some reporters are starting to make the distinction between the Calabrian faction in Montreal and the Siderno group.

The true Sicilian Cosa Nostra and Ndrangheta would almost never have a direct war, such things don't happen in Rome or Milan where both operate together. They are close and work together in Italy and Europe where they share and split territories accordingly to avoid conflict and all out bloodshed.

Typically the top leaders in each group will meet and discuss matters before wars breakout. Montreal's current situation seems messy but many decisions are taken both a local level and from abroad.

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