TVA Nouvelles in Quebec is reporting that a possible motive for Vincenzo Spagnolo's murder this past Saturday is that he was in possession of information that includes a list of individuals that Vito Rizzuto wanted killed. The article to which I've linked below is accompanied by a video in which crime reporter Félix Séguin elaborates about a Book of Truth that Spagnolo was in possession of--I'm still trying to figure out whether the book is meant literally or figuratively, as the article mentions that Spagnolo took certain secrets to his grave. In the interest of fairness, I should mention that Séguin has heard from sources that the Toronto-area 'ndrangheta (i.e., the Siderno Group) is possibly behind the murders of Rizzuto loyalists in the last little while; Seguin has expressed this theory on Twitter as well. I'm afraid I don't buy it.

I owe a few posters some replies--I'll try to answer in due course.