Also, even though it's the wrong thread, I see these guys organized like this....

Crime Corporation- Shareholders= Blood Relatives

This company never goes "Public" so to speak, and you can't buy shares really.

Edit: You can acquire shares, but only if you control a large apparatus for distribution, (it's more like a contract between a supplier and retailer though, like a mattress manufacturer agreeing to supply Sears...) But sometimes the company fully integrates and develops their own, think LCN importing zips for their own distribution. Control a reliable method for transportation and or importation, (Again, this is more like a contract between companies. Sometimes a company will fully integrate and just develop their own, like Amazon getting their own trucks instead of hiring UPS. Think Cosa Nostra using the Teamsters to truck dope in the 40s -50s. Have an additional source for supply, (although this will most times put you in direct competition) or be able to launder all the money.
But you can do a " Hostile" takeover lol

Crime Ceo= Street Boss

Crime COO= Underboss

Crime VPs = Lieutenants

Assassins are a lot like lawyers, kept on retainer, but loyal to a dollar.

Everyone else is an employee. And replaceble, indeed even the CEOs and COOs are replaceable. The only ones who aren't, are the blood relatives, which is why they all gotta a hostile crime corporate take over....

Maybe I think too much lol, any thoughts?

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