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Great post, I have a couple of questions.....

You mention the different ports. The way I see it, the Montreal port was valuable when the primary destination for drugs was New York. Also, the original source was the French Connection, and Montreal does have the French component. When it became a Sicilian connection, and then later, Thai and Chinese, and Irish, and South American, this component was probably less important. When they kinda severed ties with NY, and it became about moving the drugs IN Canada and Europe, then it was only important to get the drugs INTO Canada. Might this explain why as time went on the Rizzuto clan and other crime groups use the other ports more?

On all the killings: I said before, I thought that the " Made" guys are the blood relatives, marriage alliances. Could there be a purging of the BLOOD RELATIVES more so than say, based on ethnic lines like Sicilian or Calabrian? Also' what do think about the possibility that we are seeing the different factions, ( I see you actually already kinda mentioned this as a possibility, just noticed..) switching sides back and forth? A lot of these murders seem like these guys are set up by people very close to them, the hits are TOO CLEAN.

The point you made about the Ndrangheta not making a move on Vito while he was alive, and what it says about their power? I think it says more about Vito's power to procure narcotics more than anything. He was TOO valuable to hit when he was alive, because he made too many people too much money. His connects were too solid, to the Big Circle Boys for heroin, the West End was it for Hashish? Like he was just as big in Hash as he was coke. He had his connections in Sicily, working with the Calabrians to try to build that bridge. He was TRUSTED, by the narcotics suppliers, I think his array of connects had even surpassed his fathers at that point. And he had TOO much clout with the guys moving the stuff on the street. Like take Arcadi? I don't even think guys like him would EVER deal with the street gangs and such, Vito was much more cosmopolitan, much more " Luciano-ish" for lack of a better adjective.
Edit; Were Rizzutos hash connections through Dejardins? He seemed to have some connects of his own, and connects to the Halifax port? Maybe that's why he still exercises power up there...and why he thought he could challenge the leadership..

The first point of control is the SOURCE of narcotics.
( Here is a historical parallel, I'll use gambling. In the 40s, if LCN wanted to control all the horse betting, they woulda had to have guys physically present at every track in the country, which is logistically a nightmare right? Okay apply this logic to drug corners, bars and clubs.

What was their solution, control the SOURCE of information, and thus you control all the bookies taking bets at the tracks. Now, think about it, they didn't send a massive crew to do this, they sent like Bugsy Siegal, maybe a few guys in a few key cities. Now apply this logic to narcotics and you see how the power is wielded...)

This brings me to my third question, but first consider this......
From this article...
Fly-wheel of the Drug Trade. https://www.tni.org/en/paper/rothschilds-mafia-aruba

The [BadWord]-Caruana clan has had some serious set-backs with the arrest and conviction of some of their most prominent bosses in 1996. Does this mean the clan is out of business? Prosecutor Natoli is under no illusions that the conviction of the [BadWord] brothers will mean the end of the clan's criminal activities and contends that the brothers are able to continue to organize drug transports from jail. [BadWord] and Caruana are not the kind of traffickers who smuggle the merchandise themselves, he explains: "They give the orders, they pull the strings." The highest levels of the drug trade use steady channels: solid systems of transport and tested money-laundering routes, Natoli adds. Several leading members of the clan such as the [BadWord] sons, all called Giuseppe remain outside prison and dozens of lower ranking foot-soldiers are still available. (82)

Natoli's fear that the clan continues to play a major role in the drug trade even though the principal leaders are in prison, proved to be correct. During the trial in Palermo, one of the defendants, the fugitive Alfonso Caruana, turned out to be the central organizer of a network that smuggled eleven metric tons of cocaine to Italy from 1991-94. The ring was dismantled in March 1995 in Northern Italy.

Caruana brought together the cocaine producers of the Colombian Cartels with the Italian distributors, six 'ndrangheta families the Calabrian variant of the Mafia. Once again the [BadWord]-Caruana family was "the fly-wheel of the drug trade and the indispensable link between suppliers and distributors." (83)

What I noticed is that the Caruanas and [BadWord] were securing coke for the whole of Cosa Nostra, as well as the Siderno group.

How important are the Caruana-[BadWord] in all of this? They run the Venuzelan family right? ( Apparently there are like HUNDREDS of wholesalers operating there..)And we know they had tremendous influence in the Antilles. And then I see reports of Avanlanches of coke coming through the Dutch ports. Who is organizing all that coke?

It seems their narcotics business got so large it outgrew being simply a Sicilian business. These guys are TOO globalized it seems. Dealing with Sicilians only, means you only control NY. Dealing with Calabrians means you control, Canada, and Europe, AND Australia. And they can STILL cut deals with whoever is left of the Sicilian, or Montreal, or what ever lines they are distinguished by be it geography or ethnicity. I know people think of the Rizzutos as a Bonnano subsidiary. But I gotta ask, were they actually a subsidiary of the Caruana- [BadWord] family, that was simply overtaken by the wider influence of Ndrangheta? And then the Caruanas made deals with Ndrangheta and the remnants of the Rizzuto group?

I appreciate any thoughts from everyone....

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