My last piece on this. Its all fucked up there fighting over greed. Theres nothing orgnized in montreal anymore. Maybe the bikers but the lcn american style is done. There just like the cartel in mexico killing over turf and shipments spots. Theres no joey merlino type guy up there recruiting young guys to prick there finger and say the magic oath. Even the guy sal the iron worker who probaly thought thts what he was going to do gun smoke buy abunch or drugs guys. And died in a river. Im not saying them other 2 mafia groups from italy are not there but the john gotti burn a saint in your hand thing is probaly a thing of the past died with rizzuto. After vito seen his father dead and sons whacked he probaly had no faith in la cosa nostra. He even hit his friend in the driveway di maulo. Thats a nono.