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It was 5:25 p.m. on this sunny Saturday in October. Vincenzo Spagnolo and his wife were in their home Vimont. Someone rang the doorbell.The man of 65, former right hand of the deceased godfather Vito Rizzuto, went to open the door. To his misfortune, he was shot several times. At least eight, which left him with no chance.
This is, in summary, is what happened Saturday on Antoine-Forestier Street, according to a source. The suspect is a man with dark skin of about 25, who was wearing a black coat with a hood. The Sûreté du Québec, however, refused to confirm or deny this information.
The assassination of Vincenzo Spagnolo is in what appears to be the systematic extermination of the Sicilian mafia. Earlier this year in May, Rocco Sollecito met the same fate. A month earlier, in March, it was Lorenzo Giordano that had been eliminated.
Mr. Spagnolo was very close to the big boss of the Mafia, Vito Rizzuto, before he dies of natural causes in hospital in December 2013. Mr. Spagnolo is one of those who welcomed Mr. Rizzuto in Toronto during his return to Canada in 2012. the latter was returning home after serving six years in prison in the US for his involvement in the murders of three mobsters committed in 1981 in New York.
Mr. Spagnolo has owned halls, including Roma Buffet. Reportedly, he was silent owner Romcafé Laval, where Vito Rizzuto was holding his headquarters in 2012 and 2013, during the bloody resumption of power. Mr. Spagnolo also controlled, at least until recently, Bellerose coffee, another stronghold of Sicilian Clan in Laval. It was the target of a Molotov cocktail, a few weeks ago. In Montreal, the Empire bar, another stronghold of the Rizzuto, was also the target of Molotov cocktails

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