Seriously, how many times I gotta agree with you before you stop arguing about nothing?

We have had this convo before, you said NY was very competitive as far as narcotics, I said only at the street retail level. At the top it's a Colombian or a Mexican if you are in the US, and the ONLY place you will run into a Colombian, or Colombian proxy (Dominicans) is NY, and the Northeast. Why are you repeating literally my whole point, acting like I never said it?

My entire premise on drug clans, remember the Rizzuto/Fernandez questions, that thread? My whole thing was the Mexicans had the US, and Calabrians had Europe. So where did it leave the Rizzutos. Not for nothing but Ive been following the drugs, not counting up made guys or any of that.

And don't go and get silly on me. The Mexicans got thrown outta Spain years ago. Sinaloa is operational in Europe. They have been moving heavy narcotics since the early 90s maybe late 80s at least. You really believe they couldn't get drugs to NY because it's too far? Lol, Ivey you are talking about a truck, nothing more. ( watch Traffic, especially the part where he mentions NAFTA )They have the BORDER, coke comes into Chicago and goes EVERYWHERE. Carrillo was the " Lord of the Skies" way back when, they can't get coke to NY? Cause it's too far? Yet the whole reason they got big is that the COLOMBIANS could no longer reliably get coke through the Caribbean route, and trusted the Mexicans to get coke into the country. You don't seem to get that their WHOLE STRENGHT WAS BASED OFF TRANSPORTATION.

Im the one who told you before you can't control a city Like NY on the street level, it's too many corners/distribution points to try to control. Only ethnic enclaves like the old Italian Harlem where Ormento operated, as well as Pleaseant Ave. Nicky Barnes in Harlem, where you can sell in the streets. Otherwise you need a specific distribution points like Genovese with his midtown nightclubs, or the Pizza connection. You can only do it with supply, and the supply is controlled by Mexicans and Colombians. You brought up these other groups before, and this was the argument I gave you.

You started off in agreement in this thread, now you are reversing. We just established no one moves more coke than Mexicans and Colombian backed Dominicans in the US. But then you say, no the Dominicans aren't dominant NY, even though they are, cause none of these groups you mention have cocaine being shipped through their country. (Jamaica did in the past, Chinese? No. Maybe Cubans, but it can't be easy for them to get coke through Cuba into the US. And their stronghold is Miami, not NY. Aren't you labeled a defector or some shit if you leave?) You are not getting it, a Ki of coke in the Dominican Republic is 10 grand. Unless these groups go to Central America or something, they are NOT GETTING IT THAT CHEAP.

I just gave you a whole scenario with Sinaloa retailing in Buffalo, as an example of how intense it must be in NY if they set up shop there, not Brooklyn or somewhere. All those groups you mentioned, the ONLY ONE GROUP, that could compete with Mexican prices for coke, ARE DOMINICANS. The Chinese can't beat their prices, nor can any middle eastern group, or Russians, or Albanians, or Puerto Ricans, African Americans, Greeks, no one. And I was the one pointing out how the Calabrians didn't even attempt to move a GRAM of coke in NY, even though they have access to an avalanche of the shit.

Do you understand geographic distance is a big part of why cocaine cost what it does? The Mexicans would LOVE to supply Australia, it's like a hundred grand for a Ki. Again, the Dominicans been established in NY, they have a larger population there, and they pretty much can match Mexican prices. But the Mexicans have ACCESS TO MORE COCAINE THAN THEM. And more control over the coke they move.