Ivey, the fact that the Dominicans relatively call their own shot, does make them special from other groups. Like this exist ONLY in NY. Everywhere else in the US its Mexicans, period. As long as they get coke for 10 grand a Ki in the Dominican Republic, they will be pretty strong.

Also, like I said, guys from NY say the Dominicans have a lot of the trade, I mean I DONT LIVE IN NY. I don't wanna be an asshole an argue with a guy about what happens in his own city. Like take Philly or Jersey. I leave that to the Philly and Jersey guys like Serp or Bobby or Dante. They know their cities.

Case in point, the thread about the young Jersey guy moving coke for the DeCavalcantes. I was looking at the money he made, 78 grand from a half kilo.
Now Dante said that that basically the Gambinos give em orders and tell them what to do. Now in light of the Calabrian development, I asked what was the chance that the DeCavalcante crew was getting Calabrian coke through the Gambino family, what was the chance that they were like a new Cherry Hill crew moving coke In jersey for the Gambinos. I think it was Pmac who said no, the Dominicans have like 90% control.

Now, it seems weird that a NY mobster would get coke from Dominicans to me, but again I don't live there, they might do this everyday of the week for all I know.

The fact is this Ivey, the Colombians still control a good portion of the NY trade through the Dominicans, but the Mexican are relentless. I asked the question, is there a large Mexican enclave in NY like the Dominicans have? Cause if they did, like the Dominicans had in Washington Heights, they would already rule NYs drug trade too. It's also why I had the Buffalo example. Sinaloa doesn't even retail, ( they mostly wholesale from what I've read, but I'm sure they have more than a few operations around the country...) but they had a retail operation in BUFFALO? Why not Brooklyn? Or Queens? The Bronx? Then look at the distributors, street level black guys, Why not Hispanic traffickers? Makes you ask questions.....

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