If you go through my post, you will see I already know all that. I mention the Dominicans cause guys on here like Pmac say they have like 95% of all the drugs. Rather than argue I just concede the point. ( I don't live in NY, not in tune with the everyday street life you know?) It doesn't change the greater scope of things being coke from Colombia, controlled by Mexicans and Italians from Europe. It's not as complicated as you are making it.

Like I know the Mexicans are in NY, Sinaloa is EVERY GODAMN WHERE IVEY lol. What was the post awhile ago about Sinaloa in upstate NY? Buffalo?
But even that makes you ask, Why did they pick Buffalo for a retail operation and not bigger NY?

I guess It's because there is no major stronghold there, ( Does NY have no Little Village?, or large Mexican area?, I find that hard to believe though....) from which to deal from. The Dominican presence gives em less leverage. It might have been more profitable to have 50%, 70% of the Buffalo trade instead of competing for 10% or less of the NY retail trade. I mean, like your post points out, they still have a lot of the wholesale trade. So a Mexican retail operation in Buffalo gives you a hint of how strong Dominican retail MUST BE IN NY. Mexico, having a land border with the US, can always get coke here cheaper, and with more flexibility, so they will always have MORE COKE than the Dominicans. On the flip side, going through the Dominicans gives the Colombians more negotiating leverage when getting coke into the US. So there is a balance of power that keeps Dominicans and Colombians in partnership, with the Mexicans constantly encroaching, as they maneuver closer and closer to the source countries for narcotics.

Again, it's why I kinda concede the point of Dominicans being dominant in NY, and the northeast. The Colombians kinda have a vested interest in doing business with em. I've described them as "Regional" , not whatever, intercontinental, or transnational, or whatever adjective describes moving drugs from Border to border, country to country.

Anyone following knows the Mexicans are pushing hard into heroin. Better refinement in Mexico, as well as imported fentanyl from China. 5000 for a kilo that you make 80 kilos out of? Something ridiculous like that I read somewhere... As well as producing meth on an industrial scale. Lots of overdoses in Chicago, check some of the Jersey threads and guys on there have lost a lotta friends recently behind heroin.

So everything in your post is true and 100% right, I've been following along. My post was more or less about connecting the power dynamics in Canada with the flow of narcotics. And a kinda central premise that THE RULES OF THE NARCOTICS TRADE TEND TO CLASH WITH TRADITIONAL MAFIA RULES AND PROTOCOL.