Ndrangheta has had the upper hand for awhile now, it's about who controls the connects, NOT MANPOWER.

Not the number of " MADE GUYS " or 500 associates. None of the associates or so called made guys have the connects that Ndrangheta have. The only one with the contacts and respect like that was Vito, which is why the strength died with him. All these guys are going to make deals with the new regime, take it to the bank...

I mean look at the post that was translated. Awhile back a guy made a post about the bikers in Canada, saying they were a power in Montreal or something. I said that if they made their own direct connect, they technically wouldn't even need the mafia. Now I didn't think the Colombians would deal with em, as they have long standing trust with Italians, but the Mexicans, I could see that.

It makes total sense that the Hells would want their own direct connect, that's what enables you to call shots. Look at all the manpower the Bikers had, and all the violence they were capable of. It got em to the table, but not the head seat.

The guy predicting this, or whatever, he's smart. I predicted this and I don't even follow Canada like that. I keep up with the drug trade, and if you got Mexicans everywhere in the US (exception NY, where the Dominicans have dominance, because the Colombians literally have to ship coke through their country, plus their neighborhood in NY hasn't gentrified yet that I know of) and Calabrians everywhere in Europe. Both these groups power is directly proportional to their ability to move narcotics across continents.

Now why did the Rizzutos take over? Drugs, they were the top Italian narcotics guys after the Gambino/Bonnano pizza connection unraveled. Vito going to jail in a US prison gave other groups time to make new connections, kinda like Galantes 12 year bid took him to far out of the loop. Those 12 years were the years Nicolo built his power, same way Vito's ten years away gave the Calabrians an opening to make moves.

Once the Caruana- Cun-Trera clan threw in with the Calabrians, the Rizzutos had serious problems. ( I see them as the Ochoas to the Rizzutos Escobar, I think they are the real power brokers there)

So Mexico=US, NY=Dominicans, Europe and Ontario = Calabrians.This means the Rizzutos Had only Quebec totally under their control. And this control was traditionally based on heroin, which was no longer the dominant force in narcotics, now it's coke. And the Calabrians and Mexicans control all the coke. So if you look at the GLOBAL PICTURE, they were already losing power fast.

I'm not making this shit up, just look at what's going on worldwide, it's the age of the Narcotic syndicate, has been for awhile now...