It is not the translation of the full article. I only took the part that Mentions the Mafia and Ndrangheta:

The Mafia

While the Hells awaiting trial behind bars, Montreal Sicilian Mafia, once at the top of the criminal food chain in the province, was out routed. Incendiary bombs, killings, and reports of infighting had become almost weekly thing.
In the background, we witnessed the violent decline of the Rizzuto family and speculation about who might usurp its central role in the drug trade in the province.
For decades, the Hells have been a drug trafficking engine in Quebec, dealing with distribution throughout the province, while the Mafia was responsible for the import.
André Cédilot is a journalist and expert on organized crime that covers the criminal world in Quebec for over 40 years.
"Before the operation SharQc, the Hells Angels were at the head of the drug market with the Sicilian Mafia," said he told VICE. "The Mafia was responsible for import and Hells Angels were distributors. Internationally, the Mafia has a better reputation than the Hells Angels because the Colombians do not trust the Hells Angels, but they trust the Mafia. "
But now Cédilot said he sees a new alliance between the Hells Angels and the Calabrian Ndrangheta established in Ontario - a tectonic movement after four decades of Sicilian domination. "The Rizzuto family, I believe, is no longer the party," he said. "They do not have control right now, I can tell you that. The Calabrian have control now. "

The Ndrangheta

Following the decline of the Sicilian Mafia after years of infighting and arrests , the Calabrian mobsters of Ontario were able to settle in Montreal. But the Calabrians do not have the local connections or distribution networks but the Hells Angels do.The recent release of high-ranking Hells from prison couldn’t come at a better time for them and for criminal families from Ontario.
"The 'Ndrangheta of Ontario will have an influence in Montreal, much more than the Sicilians have now. It's a new partnership, "according Cédilot. "It is not yet in force, but I can tell you that it is preparing. "
Antonio Nicaso agrees. Nicaso is a professor and author of over 30 books on organized crime, including money or honor: the ultimate battle of Vito Rizzuto."When the Sicilians were in power [the 'Ndrangheta] never had the opportunity to settle in Montreal," he recounts. "It could be an opportunity for the Ndrangheta to form a strategic alliance with a local player. I believe that in future we will see a completely different picture emerge in the world of crime. "
"But there is also a huge opportunity for the biker group," he added. "The Hells Angels want to step it up," he said. "They want to be in direct contact with producers in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. "
The possibility of an alliance Hells Angels-Ndrangheta, which remains to be confirmed, is a possibility that the SQ is conscious. "It's one of the theories that we contemplate," said Captain Guy Lapointe, adding that the SQ can not say more at the moment, since it does not comment on intelligence or investigations In progress.