Here is the english translation of the Lapresse article.

The Solid Gold dancers bar has been in recent weeks the target of two arson that could be part of the infighting that persist within the Montreal Mafia, told by La Presse .
About 5pm on Wednesday of last week, the alarm system of the establishment in 8820, Saint-Laurent Boulevard sounded, calling the fire brigade on site. After examining the scene, the fire eventually discovered an incendiary device that was launched on the bar of the roof without causing much damage. They handed the file to their partners in the Arson Section of the Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM).
September 2, firefighters were called to a blazing vehicle in the parking lot of the establishment. They quickly extinguished the flames that ravaged the reported stolen vehicle, and entrusted the matter to the SPVM.
These two events have all the appearance of messages launched in the context of conflicts between the major factions of the Montreal Mafia since the natural death of the godfather Vito Rizzuto, in December 2013, and Magot Mastiff- police operation, which beheaded organized crime in Montreal on November 19.
The Solid Gold was once the headquarters of the influential Calabrian Moreno Gallo, a Mafia chieftain killed in an ambush in a restaurant in Acapulco, Mexico, in November 2013, presumably for his lack of loyalty to the Sicilians during detention of Vito Rizzuto in the United States.
A source reported in La Presse, that following the death of Gallo. Stefano Sollecito Acting boss of the Montreal Mafia that is currently charged as a result of Magot Mastiff-operation, would have taken control of the Solid Gold establishment, but information on this has not been confirmed by police.
One thing is sure, Gregory Woolley, gang leader arrest from the Magot Mastiff operation who is close to Sollecito and the Hells Angels, was regularly observed by police officers at Solid Gold before his arrest last November.
Arson investigators of SPVM will check if the two events in Solid Gold could be linked to the murders of Moreno Gallo and Rocco Sollecito, that occurred in June.
Both arsons may also be linked with Molotov cocktails launched in recent weeks on Bellerose cafes, Laval, and Empire, Montreal, Restaurant Le Liège in Park Extension, and the John and Dino business in St. Léonard.