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I think Sonny pretty much summed up Aruba, but that clan is still, I think one of the top three or so clans in ITALIAN ORGANIZED CRIME in general. Anywhere. They really are like the Mafias Rothschilds..

Hey Cabrini, doing great. I appreciate you for responding even though I knew you would.

From what you and Sonny had said, it's sounding like an off shore tax haven money laundering situation somewhere out in those islands. Curacao is right next to Aruba. Thank you Sonny and Cabrini for making an attempt at answering my question.

What is surprising [to me] about the Caruana and Cun Trera mafia families is the level of sophistication.

Apparently the underworld trusted them a great deal because they had an airtight ship...blood ties. Alfonso married his niece...it doesn't get any tighter than that.

Then you read about how they dealt directly with the Corsican underworld as Cosa Nostra's middlemen. To me, Corsican underworld means L'Unione Corsa, something almost everyone knows practically nothing about. Fascinating.

The Corsicans are mysterious. Like Sicily they are an island off the mainland of France. Like many Sicilians, they don't seem to quite identify with the mainland. Linguistically, they appear to be partly French and partly Italian, at least as far as their given names go. And last but not least, they have a blackamoor head on their flag. The blackamoor head symbol is also supposedly a sign that one is a member of the Corsican Brotherhood or L'Unione Corsa. It might be worn as a watch fob or pendant.

With these groups, the Cun-treras, Caruanas, and Corsicans, I just can't see them gathering in social clubs or having weekly shape ups at a mob headquarters. Not street gangs.

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