Documentaries mostly, also a lot of reading. I've seen the 10000 a Ki number for Dominican Republic, Mexico and Costa Rica now. It's like 6000 or so in Venezuela and Brazil, maybe 2000 in Colombia and Peru.

That 23-25000 number I was low balling kinda. Scorsese mentioned that guys could just get coke in NY, so I figured it must be pretty cheap. I've also seen traffickers, in Chicago, the higher level guys can get it for close to 25, but this could be from a few years ago, in the other thread, about GDs, they got the guy on a wiretap saying he USEDto get it for 22, now it's 35. Again, that makes sense because there has been consolidation as far as who controls the borders, it's mostly only Sinaloa now so they can charge more if they want...

What do you think bones, is it more close to 30? 35? That would make sense, in the Decavalcante thread, they say they retail near 80 thou of a half Ki. I saw a doc on Dominican wholesalers saying they get it 10000 in The Dominican Republic, and sell for 23 in NY. I thought that was a little low, like not a big enough margin. But that could be the "Homie price" lol.

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