Thanks for the education Cabrini. I have not studied up much on Canadian Cosa Nostra. It's hella interesting from the layman book reader point of view. International drug trafficking Euro-criminals with tons of money, exotic names, and narcissistic personality disorder galore. I have a question for you.

It is said that Aruba became the first [Cosa Nostra] Mafia state to exist when the Cun-trera and Caruana mafia families took over like 60% of the real estate there. Alfonso [Caruana], my namesake, became almost like the mafia king of Aruba, or at least part of it. What is your take on Aruba's role today, if you have any? I think money laundering took place there, and it just had to be a transit point for narcotics. What do you think is going on today? If you don't have an opinion on Aruba, that's ok too.

"For us, rubbin'out a Mustache was just like makin' way for a new building, like we was in the construction business."