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He was a real success as a human being and a mob boss. His father, his brother-in-law and his son all got killed on his watch. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, I am sure that the Violis are laughing their asses off in Ontario.

The Violis undoubtedly had to have some gladness about what happened , but the family itself had jack shit to do with those murders in all likelihood , had Vito never been imprisoned and extradited. Odds are if Vito had to serve his sentence in a Canadian prison, like he initially was and wanted to, all three of those men would still be alive . Except maybe Nicolo Sr , but he'd of died of natural causes as an old man .

@ CabriniGreen , I've been lurking lol. And youre totally right about the crew thing, I hadnt even thought of that. I think Sammy even flat out said so in Underboss a couple of times , Paul had more guys than Gotti & Dellacroce , but the majority of Pauls guys and the crews loyal to him consisted of non-hitters and semi-retiree's . The only guys whom were a worry was the DeMeo crew. Good post.

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