Also @ pmac

Gang warfare is nothing like real warfare. Adding up the number of men doesn't tell the whole tale. Think back in Sammys book, the Gambinos had, whatever, twenty one -twenty-six crews right? Yet Sammy said when it came down to it, FIVE really mattered. Gottis crew, DeCiccos crew, Aurello crew, Gaggi- DeMeo, actually it might be four. If you woulda took a sheet of paper, drew a line down the middle, wrote Paul on one side, John on the other, and listed everything Paul had vs everything John had, on paper I'd bet you Paul wipes the fuckin floor with Gotti.

Like the Corleonesi. They had a death squad of maybe 14 guys. They never showed their faces until it was time to do a hit, then back to the shadows, you gotta understand the OLD WORLD WAYS.On paper, no way they win that war vs Bontade and Inzerillo. Or even think back to the castallamarese war. On paper, Maranzano SHOULDNT HAVE been able to beat Masseria. But Maranzano was a better guerrilla fighter/soldier.
Also having unidentifiable hitters is a big plus. I mean come on man, WE KNOW WHO THE MADE GUYS ARE. The Calabrians could find out more even easier, and their hitters would most likely be unknown to American wise-guys.

Now, having said all that, like Sinatra said it would never happen I the states. I don't even think you can take a City like NY, militarily. You know how you do it? With finances and resources. He who makes the most money, can buy the most guns, buy the most allies, gain the most power. So I think what they are talking about is a financial coup, more so than a military one...