Right JC but those who hit all 3 never would have done it had Massino NOT flipped. That's the only reason Vito took the plea and agreed to serve time in the U.S. If he could have served his time in Canada I don't think none of this gets kick started either. But as soon as he crossed the border the ones wanting to overthrow started their moves. Like Joe Bravo said about Vito being gone and said something to the like "once the boss is gone, the guys will play". Many overlooked Vito too like Joe Bravo who thought he had been with him long enough he thought he was ok but still spurned Vito's calls to Cuba and the DR and of course Vito sent word to Italy and before you knew it Joe Bravo is dead. Same for Moreno Gallo in Mexico.

I wouldn't expect any big hits for now after Sollecito was hit. Leonardo and Stefano are locked up, Desjardins is locked up, so it's a guess at this point as to who has been firebombing places up there. It's definitely going to get interesting if Rizzuto/Sollecito get off this case squeaky clean though.