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Agree to disagree. I just think theres more man power in the nyc families were no one would get firebombed on the regular like these last few years. Theyjust have to many guys. Even the small family like colombos they have 60made guys and probaly 100 sons n nephews who would be on the hunt for the guy doing this shit. The huge diffence in nyc not 1 boss have the balls to order hits on dumb shit and face the death penalty. Big paul chin or gotti were all before the federal death pen. Change in 1994. If any of there places got fire bombed and messges they probally have a boss meeting and send out crew from every family to kill the dudes.

Your problem is you keep comparing Montreal to NY , when you can't. It's apples to oranges , they're completely different animals , with their own settings , alliances , criminal groups , etc. Its not a fair comparison . One place ever got firebombed in NYC , it'd be called terrorism, the feds would be on their asses in no time. Some place gets firebombed in Montreal or Canada and the RCMP don't know where to start. Mob leaders arent killed in NYC , at all , because the current landscape, environment and culture wouldnt allow it, it has nothing to do with manpower or NYC families being stronger or more vicious than those in Canada or vice versa. Simply put, the feds will shut shit down quick. Stop with this whole NYC is smarter and more dangerous theory, because it isn't true. Maybe in the 70's and 80's these things would happen, not now. Whereas those mafia affiliated in Montreal are going about like its the First Mafia War in Sicily. This also has nothing to do with either side being more smarter or more dangerous than the other , its simply the lack of a RICO in Canada , and the laws on Organized Crime being a lot more lax over there than it is in the States.