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Looking at the Canadian mob the last couple of years, my esteem for Vito Rizzuto, as a mob leader, got even bigger in retrospect.

All the factions in the underworld must've really feared and respected him, because during his tenure his word was law and he could keep all the factions in line. In my eyes he was the most effective and intelligent North American mob boss of the new millennium.

He was a very sharp guy. Well read and sophisticated. However, he was operating in a world filled with jealous neanderthals who wanted his spot. I think he knew it wasn't going to work out in the long run.

I think you could be right Ralphie, in a way his death was very anti-climatic because he was in the middle of his revenge expedition and it would've been very interesting to see what his reaction would've been to some of the events from the last couple of years.

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