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When people were saying vitos family was like the 6th family or equal get fuck out of here. That family has gotten taken out 1by1. Now people are just bullying them firebombing there cafes and saying gives us what you got left. Just to much man power and history in the states for that type of shit.

Wrong. As Dixie said , these attempts happen when the leaders are in prison and the Sicilian clan is always in a state of weakness when the leaders are imprisoned. Its like they get knocked down by law enforcement and whomever their enemies are, they simply smell blood and attack when the clan is already in a weakened state. Of course this is typical of the mafia , however that doesn't take away from the power they seem to wield when their leaders are on the street .

I've stopped keeping track of all of this , tbh, after the Rocco Sollecito murder and the mandatory imprisonments of Frank Del Balso & Frank Arcadi. As I've taken an interest in NY matters between the 80's and early 00's. But things seem to be getting interesting again. Gonna be intriguing as to what comes next.