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When people were saying vitos family was like the 6th family or equal get fuck out of here. That family has gotten taken out 1by1. Now people are just bullying them firebombing there cafes and saying gives us what you got left. Just to much man power and history in the states for that type of shit.

@pmac ... I don't much about Canada but from what I do know and hear about them they are on another level. These guys seen to still have the old world mentality. Yes they are getting killed left and right bu that's exactly the point... They're killing people like it's nothing. They don't give a fuck up there. That kinda shit would never happen in the states nowadays. I keep reading about all these murders and how they're carried out and I'm like what the fuck. I don't know how much money they make and the types of rackets they run but they are Definetly gangster as fuck. I don't know they amount of guys they have or the structure but you have to give them credit for being about that action. I feel like I'm reading a mob fiction novel.